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MINI M.A.D. Camp 2017

M.A.D. Camp is our version of Vacation Bible School. We use music, art, drama and other fun activities to get kids involved and to help them have fun. Every year the kids tell us how much they enjoy our camp and how we are not like anything else they've ever done. Every year our goal is to teach the children that come to M.A.D. Camp something amazing about God, but we do it in a way that is fun and engaging.

Who can come?

M.A.D. Camp is for those children who will be entering grades 1-7 this coming Fall. So if your child just competed kindergarten they can register. If they just completed 7th grade they are now too old. We apologize but we simply are not able to accommodate younger children.

What does my child get to do?

Our day will include small group and large group activities. The children will be divided into groups and rotate through activity stations. They will come together for large group activities like games and a movie. 

Will my child get to be with his/her friends?

We group the children by age so usually friends end up being together and this is not a problem. Our day will include both small group and large group activities.


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