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Take What is Yours! SERIES' Take What is Yours!

Bil Gebhardt
August 21, 2016
Joshua 1:1-9

Rahab, Picture of Grace SERIES' Rahab, Picture of Grace

Bil Gebhardt
August 28, 2016
Joshua 2:1-24

Your Jericho SERIES' Your Jericho

Bil Gebhardt
September 11, 2016
Joshua 6

Voices, Choices, and Consequences SERIES' Voices, Choices, and Consequences

Bil Gebhardt
September 18, 2016
Joshua 8

The Mystery of Prayer SERIES' The Mystery of Prayer

Bil Gebhardt
September 25, 2016
Joshua 9-10

The One and Only You SERIES' The One and Only You

Bil Gebhardt
October 2, 2016

I Choose Faith SERIES' I Choose Faith

Bil Gebhardt
October 9, 2016
Joshua 22-24