A study through the book of James.

Trials On The Outside SERIES Trials On The Outside

Bil Gebhardt
July 9, 2017
James 1:1-12

Temptation From The Inside SERIES Temptation From The Inside

Bil Gebhardt
July 16, 2017
James 1:13-18

Don't Be Delusional SERIES Don't Be Delusional

Bil Gebhardt
July 23, 2017
James 1:19-27

Problem of Prejudice SERIES Problem of Prejudice

Bil Gebhardt
July 30, 2017
James 2:1-13

Genuine Faith SERIES Genuine Faith

Bil Gebhardt
August 6, 2017
James 2:14-26

Taming the Tongue SERIES Taming the Tongue

Bil Gebhardt
August 13, 2017
James 3:1-12

Wisdom SERIES Wisdom

Bil Gebhardt
August 20, 2017
James 3:13-18

Emotions vs Grace SERIES Emotions vs Grace

Bil Gebhardt
August 27, 2017
James 4:1-12

It's Not Your Time SERIES It's Not Your Time

Bil Gebhardt
September 3, 2017
James 4:13-17

Warnings To The Wealthy SERIES Warnings To The Wealthy

Bil Gebhardt
September 10, 2017
James 5:1-6

Be Patient! SERIES Be Patient!

Bil Gebhardt
September 17, 2017
James 5:7-11

Just Tell the Truth SERIES Just Tell the Truth

Bil Gebhardt
September 24, 2017
James 5:12

The Power of Prayer SERIES The Power of Prayer

Bil Gebhardt
October 1, 2017
James 5:13-20