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Inside These Walls SERIES Inside These Walls

Bil Gebhardt
March 17, 2019
Acts 2:41-47

We Should Spread Grace SERIES We Should Spread Grace

Bil Gebhardt
March 10, 2019

Grace Bothers Us SERIES Grace Bothers Us

Bil Gebhardt
March 3, 2019

Grace Is Christianity SERIES Grace Is Christianity

Bil Gebhardt
February 24, 2019


Recent Messages

Sermons from the last few weeks.

Outside These Walls

Evangelizing the lost.


Grace is the basis of our faith.

The Choices Of The Abundant Life

The Choices Of The Abundant Life

Living In A Pagan Culture

How to be a Christian in a nation of non-believers.

Lessons In The Storm

How God uses storms in our lives to strengthen our walk with Him.