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Wisdom SERIES Wisdom

Bil Gebhardt
August 20, 2017
James 3:13-18

Taming the Tongue SERIES Taming the Tongue

Bil Gebhardt
August 13, 2017
James 3:1-12

Genuine Faith SERIES Genuine Faith

Bil Gebhardt
August 6, 2017
James 2:14-26

Problem of Prejudice SERIES Problem of Prejudice

Bil Gebhardt
July 30, 2017
James 2:1-13


Recent Messages

Sermons from the last few weeks.


A study through the book of James

Finding The Will Of God

What is God's Will for you?

Challenges of Our Times

Problems a modern christian will face in an ever changing world.

The Authentic Life

How to live an authentic christian life.


Lessons on the Christian life from the book of Joshua.