Archived SERIES

Independent Messages

Sermons that are not part of a series.

A 20/20 Vision of God

A clear look at who God is.

Abraham: The Friend of God

Lessons from the life of Abraham

American Idols

Idolatry is alive and well in America.

The Authentic Life

How to live an authentic christian life.

The Bedrock Choices of Life

What are the most important choices everyone needs to make?

Being Content

Why are so many of us not content with our lives?

A Biblical View of Marriage

God's design for marriage is a wonderful thing.

Challenges of Our Times

Problems a modern christian will face in an ever changing world.

The Choices Of The Abundant Life

The Choices Of The Abundant Life


The Book of Colossians

Conversations with Jesus

When Jesus speaks we should listen.

The Dark Side of Life

How do you deal with difficult emotions?


Our spiritual enemy is constantly trying to deceive us.


What do we mean when we say God opened or closed a door?


A study through the book of Ecclesiastes.

Elements of the Abundant Life

How to experience the abundant life of Christ.


A study through the book of Ephesians.

Facing Your Fears

How can you overcome the things you are most afraid of?

Faith and Finances

What does God's Word really say about money?

Faith Grows When ...

How can you become a person of great faith?

False Assumptions

Are you guilty of some false assumptions?

Finding The Will Of God

What is God's Will for you?

1 Peter

A study through the book of 1 Peter.


Forgiveness is the keystone to every relationship.


A study through the book of Galatians.

The God-Centered Life

Is God first in your life?

Good Lessons From Bad Examples

We can learn some great lessons from some less than perfect characters.


Grace is the basis of our faith.

The Greatness of Grace

The Christian faith is built on grace.


A study through the book of Haggai.


Finding true happiness

Happy Days

What does it take for your life to be truly happy?

Hebrews 11

A closer look at the Hall of Faith

Hopeful Reminders

There are some important spiritual truths we should never forget.

How to Change Your Life

Are you longing to finally make those much needed changes?

Improving Your Attitude

Attitude is everything!


Isaiah pulls back the curtain on the awesomeness of God.


A study through the book of James.

Jesus the One & Only

There is no one like Jesus


Lessons from the life of Joseph


Lessons on the Christian life from the book of Joshua.

Knowing Christ

A closer look at the Savior

Knowing God

The God of all creation wants to have a relationship with you

Lessons From Joshua

A study in the book of Joshua.

Lessons In The Storm

How God uses storms in our lives to strengthen our walk with Him.

Living a Foolproof Life

How to avoid life's tragic mistakes

Living a Great Life God's Way

So you want to have a great life? Have you tried it God's way?

A Long Glimpse of Heaven

What will heaven be like?

Living In A Pagan Culture

How to be a Christian in a nation of non-believers.

Making a Difference

What will it take for you to change the world?


The Book of Malachi

Outside These Walls

Evangelizing the lost.

Personal Fears

Learn how to face your fears.


Philippians - The Journey to Joy

Psalm 23

Three messages on the most well known Psalm.

Psalms for Life

Wisdom from the book of Psalms

Respite For Our Weary Souls

Sometimes life can wear you down.


A study on the book of Revelation.

The Road Less Traveled

How to make the wise choices necessary to follow Jesus

Romans 12

A study on one of the crucial chapters in the book of Romans

The 7 Choices of a Follower

So you really want to follow Jesus?

Simply Follow

What does it mean to follow Jesus?

Spiritual Guardrails

Are you protecting yourself from spiritual pitfalls?

Spiritual Snapshots

Important lessons from biblical examples.

Spiritual Warnings

You need to be on guard against spiritual pitfalls.

Understanding Anger

Our anger should never get the best of us.

The Victorious Christian Life

Four things that will make your Christian life all it was meant to be.

The Weight of Our Words

Words are powerful

When Life Gets Tough

What can you do when you fall on hard times?

Words to the Wise

Six words that should be part of your life

Your Spiritual Journey

A life of following God is filled with many ups and downs.

Recent Messages

Sermons from the last few weeks.

Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare

It's All In Your Head

How to think like a believer in Christ.

Are You Happy?

God wants happy followers.

I Am Who You Say I Am

Who we are in God's eyes.

Pondering Job

A Study Of Job.