At Fellowship we are committed to sharing the gospel with a world that so desperately needs to hear the good news about Jesus Christ. We believe in taking the gospel across the street and around the world.

Individually we encourage our people to share their faith with the people in their lives and to get involved in serving their communities. Collectively as a church we serve our city by volunteering at the local homeless shelter, collecting food for our local food bank, and building bridges to our neighborhood with our annual Fall Festival.

We support men and women who take the gospel to places we most likely could not go all around the world.

And we believe in strongly supporting missions efforts that are led by nationals or seek to train national believers to reach their country.

    reaching our world

    As a church we support a number of missionaries and institutions who are taking the gospel around the world to peoples and nations who desperately need to hear. We strongly believe in supporting ministries that train nationals to reach their country. To that end we support seminaries in Russia, India and Jordan.


    We also believe in supporting our missionaries by sending ministry or work teams to help them in their ministry.

    reaching our country

    We support ministries within the United States that seek to share the gospel and train others for ministry.

    We support ministries like Camp Victory that reach children through summer camps, ministries that reach high school students through school assemblies, and ministries like Cru that share the gospel on college campuses.

    We also proudly support Dallas Theological Seminary which trains men and women for ministry. 

      reaching our city

      We believe in reaching our city with the gospel of Jesus Christ both through our words and our actions. We are thankful individually and collectively for the opportunities that we have to share the love of Christ and to demonstrate the love of Christ.

        New Orleans Mission

        local food bank

        Another way that we seek to show the love of Christ to those in our community is by donating to the local food bank. On the first Sunday of every month we collect non-perishable food items. If you would like to help just bring your donations to church that Sunday.